Don’t Cry Me A River

Not thrilled with  the recent Cubs downward spiral?!  That’s a question, and a statement.

The disappointing series in Pittsburgh going in to the All-Star Break is definitely tell-tale here. 

There are a number of factors that just want to make you cry as the Cubs have gone through a rough stretch of 24 games with no off days.

 Joe Maddon doesn’t subscribe to the flooding.  ‘No crying in baseball.’

What do the Cubs need to streak to an enviable second half?   

My opinion?  Pitching.  

I know you didn’t ask but I am after all, the one writing this commentary.  

It is certainly not the opinion of a professional associated with the game.  Just a Cubs fan wanting the best possible finish for this team.

This is still a club with an admirable starting rotation.  However, I think they are exhausted.  

The bullpen is in a little bit of a quandary, and also needs some assistance.

Perhaps, Theo Epstein should reconsider a ‘no-trade imminent’ comment from last week. The Cubs are going to need some pitching.

Epstein was indicating help might be coming from the Farm Clubs.  I’m wondering whether he can get the proper MLB ready help quick enough.  Epstein would certainly be more apt to make that judgment than I could make the same judgment.

If it were up to me, I’d grab two arms.  A Starter, and a Reliever.  

Imagine a 6 man starting rotation taking the Cubs the rest of the way.  The top 5 in the rotation could each expect an off day option every 2nd or, 3rd start.   

The pen man should have a consistent 2.50 ERA or less, and play the strong middle man.

That sounds good to me but, who do you move off the roster to make room?

See, there’s a reason I’m a fan, and not a decision maker.

The Cubs managed to salvage a win in Pittsburgh on Sunday, and the Official Digital Bit of Cubs on the WWW offers a wrap, information, stats, and videos.

The All-Star break has arrived, and the Cubs will be back at Wrigley Field Friday to begin a weekend of 3 against the Rangers under the sky light.







What do you think?

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