The MLB season is broken down in to two halves.  BA & AA; Before All-Star, After All-Star.

The Cubs took off like a dynasty waiting to happen as the BA part of the season began.  

Moving closer to AA, the dynasty waiting to happen lost some pieces to the puzzle like most teams, due to injuries.

The Cubbies seemed to slow down a bit as they played to the end of BA. The no-lose Cubs became a little more real as they began losing some games.  Still the best baseball had to offer but not so unrealistic that other teams couldn’t close the gap.

If Friday afternoon’s contest between the Cubs & Rangers is an example of what’s to come, I’d tell everybody to clear the pathways because, the Cubs have returned!

The Cubs started AA with a balance of not only good but, great pitching from all concerned beginning with the starter, Kyle Hendricks.

If you saw the game, you know what I mean about Hendricks as he had a garden variety of well placed pitches.

Excellent run production by, the Cubs offense complimented by several very nice defensive moves.

Could it be, the Cubs were just spotting the others a few games prior to the break?   The Cubs puzzle looked very well put together on Friday’s return to Wrigley Field.

Yesterday’s stats & videos along with commentary always available on your Official Cubs Ivy League of Information.

Let’s just see if the Cubs need another arm.  Couldn’t hurt to have one more ‘quality’ arm in the pen that might be able to pick up a starting position once in awhile.

There is a lot of talent to support the dynasty part of this dissertation. Think about it.  Right now there’s no Fowler in the line-up, and Schwarber re-enters the picture in 2017.

Still not enough?  The Cubs have depth not only in the dugout but, talent ready or, at least close to ready in the Minor Leagues.


What do you think?

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