Mets Messed Up

Tuesday’s game was a 1 run take all for the Mets As Noah Syndergaard, and Jake Arrieta got the starts for their respective teams.

It was great to see Arrieta about 98%.  He had much better control than the last few starts before the break.

Of the 3 games in the series, this would be the only game decided by a single run in the 9th inning by the Mets.  Hector Rondon would have to pocket the loss, with the Cubs hitters remaining relatively quiet.

The bookends of the series were tidy wins with the Cubs offense pouring on the runs.  The Cubs bookend starters in the series did a great job of benching the Mets bench act, and posting some Cubs ‘W’s.

Feel free to read between the lines on the official Cubs Ivy Loop.  

Did the Mets drop even a little bit of their game because they thought maybe they’d gotten in to the Cubs’ heads?  Maybe just a little bit but now, who’s in who’s head?  This is giving me a headache.



What do you think?

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