Missing Hops Ales Brew Crew

Missing hops, and the Brew Crew has an imperfect brew as the Cubs brought another ‘W’ to the mix on Friday.

Dexter Fowler didn’t want to be reactivated from the DL until he was ready.  He was ready.

The sad part of the equation.  Somebody had to be optioned to Iowa to make room for Fowler.  The newly married Thursday, Albert Almora, Jr. ended up being the one shot down to AAA.

Almora has easily been a major league caliber player while appearing in the bigs.  It is just that this talent rich organization had to send somebody to the farm.  Hopefully, the Cubs find a spot for him at the upper level where he deserves to perform.

Fowler regained his lead off position in the lineup on Friday night.  Top of the 1st, very 1st batter of the game.

It was the Fowler we all know.  A patient batter as he worked the count to 3-1 before a perfect swing to lift the pitch up, and out of Miller Park.  Just like that the Cubs had a top of the night 1-zip lead.

That was the beginning of the night for Fowler who followed with a 2 run double, and a single. 

Jason Hammel had an admirable start, and the bullpen did everything right to hold the Brewers down to the last out which was a playable shot to RF.

Lots going on as the Cubs, and Brewers set up for a Saturday night game 2 of this 3 game series.  John Lackey gets the Cubs start.

For more play by, play, who’s doing what, and who’s  going where on the Chicago Cubs, check out the Cubs official read all, watch all!


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