Brew Crew Hop On Foam

Just the right foam, and it seems the hops are perfect.  Have to admit, the Cubs were the foam, and the Brew Crew hopped on for a better brew last night.

 It is true Lackey’s added a few losses to his score card.  

John Lackey is on the lookout for a ‘W.’  I will say to other teams however, look out if Lackey is successful with his lookout.  He’s hungry!

Lackey does tend to give up runs early rather than late.  Unfortunately, it also seems the bench support isn’t too good for Lackey, either.  Even with advanced notice of early runs for the other side.  

Lackey’s ERA is now 3.79.  His full stats don’t necessarily deserve a poor review.  Not to say it couldn’t be better.

I always like to see a pitcher with an ERA of 3.00 or under but, then there are a lot of things I’d like to see.  So easy from the bleachers!

Taking a look at yesterday’s game, it was once again a bench without enough run production.

Mike Montgomery made his Cubs debut from the bullpen, and was promptly greeted by the Brewers with a 3 run HR.  It turned the game from a 3-1 victory, and doubled the Brewers score to 6.

No judgments on Montgomery after all, he has been welcomed to the NL, and you don’t make a case for or, against a player based on one appearance.

Jon Lester will start for the Cubs in the rubber game just now getting underway.

More official Cubs commentary, news, events, and videos available behind the ivy.



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