Those Oldies But Goodies

Speaking as a Senior Citizen in real life, I watched a Senior Citizen in baseball life make a case for raising the age of Senior Citizen MLB play.

This could spoil David Ross’ plans…… could, couldn’t it?

Reliever Joe Nathan joined the Cubs after rehab., and the 41 y/o oldie threw a bunch of goodies that the youngsters couldn’t get hold of, and the Cubs pulled out another ‘W’ against the Brewers at Miller Park on Sunday.  Nathan gets the ‘W.’

Maybe I’m not so old, either……….A little dose of reality, and all of the sudden if there’s one oldie amongst those named, I’m probably most qualified due to my allergies to a work-out.  I get burned out just thinking about it.

The Cubs offense pulled it together with a 5 run 7th on Sunday.

Tonight is the beginning of Crosstown play at (why do I always want to add Comiskey Park every time I mention the White Sox?) U.S. Cellular Field.  Jake Arrieta will start for the Cubs.  

Arrieta’s ERA is still at a respectable 2.60 despite several recent rough starts, and I’m not sure we’ve seen him back to 100%???  Hopefully, tonight is his night.

I might mention the Cubs have picked up some spark for the bullpen.  Don’t discount Mike Montgomery on one outing as his numbers fared well in the AL.

Today’s acquisition of Aroldis Chapman was, at least for me a supreme move by, Theo Epstein.

The pen is stocked with talent, and there are now several relievers awaiting a start, if necessary.

Let us not leave bonus material out when, there’s plenty to be seen behind the ivy where you’ll find the official Cubs Home Page.



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