Yes. again. The White Sox kept going, and so did the Cubs.

The Cubs looked like they were off to a good start as Bryant aimed for the seats in the 1st.

That other Chicago team would have none of that as the ball was caught up, and away for a long out.

The rest of the game went pretty much like that as the Cubs zeroed their way through the rest of the game.

Kyle Hendricks has been propelling his way to the top of the rotation with some recent sharp outings.

Baseball is all strategy, and capitalization on errors of which Kyle Hendricks’ mistakes added up to enough for the Sox to punch more than enough sock in to getting past the Cubs zeroids through the night.

Either it’s the unheard of for Cubs Fans or, everybody gets 1/2 of the Crosstown Cup.  The Cubs have already dropped 2 of the 4 games.

I would have to say if, the Crosstown Cup is no-contest with the Cubs pulling out a couple of wins at Wrigley Field, the coveted prize remains where it lives now.  Where else would you take it?

Jason Hammel has opened up as tonight’s starter for the Cubs, and the first of 2 between these two Chicago rivals at Wrigley Field.



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