My Fault Cubs Lost

Everything was just going fine with the Cubs beating the White Sox in their last game at Wrigley Field then, pounding the Mariners in a lopsided you can’t easily do what you thought you could easily do to the Cubs.  Win.

My mood changed.  Why?  Just like yesterday, I’m on blackout.  It really didn’t sink in until today.

I live in Idaho, and therefore ROOT Sports decided my logistics dictate that I must be a Mariners fan.  That being the case, all Mariners games are blacked out on to this area which is more than 600 miles from Seattle.

So, I have been in a euphoric state of mind until I had to watch the Mariners broadcast, yesterday.  Then the funk began.  It’s just not the same without the on-air fav team bias.  Don’t get me wrong because there’s nothing wrong with the Mariners broadcast…for Mariners fans.

As I watched the 1st inning today,  it did sink in, and I was sunk by the funk  Maritime style.

At the cusp of my funk, the Mariners outscored the Cubs late.  Even Oraldis Chapman couldn’t stop it, this time.

The pressure should never go on to any one player, anyway as the Cubs bench was icy today.

The rubber game is set for tomorrow, as an ESPN Sunday game.  I am so blacked out between ROOT & ESPN but, I promise full recovery prior to the game so, the Cubs get back on track.

Check up on your Cubs on the Official Cubs Home Page.


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