Sunday Night From Wrigley Field

Brian Matusz gets the start for Chicago tonight from Wrigley Field as The Cubs & Mariners play a rubber game.

Earlier this year, prior to the All-Star break I championed some bolstering to Cubs pitching.  An arm to the bullpen, and creating a larger starting rotation with an arm there.

I did say however, I could only judge the situation as a fan in the bleachers, and certainly not as a professional baseball architect.  

The Cubs architects in the home office have decided a strong arm to the pen was a good idea.  Voila….Aroldis Chapman.  

Then they decided a 6 man rotation may be a good idea.  Brian Matusz is their answer to that situation.

While Chapman makes every bit of bullpen sense, I really question the Matusz answer to the 6 man rotation.  His E.R.A. for AAA ball this year is much on the upside. 

Let’s put me in my place.  I’m a fan who may be perplexed over the Matusz move.  Epstein, Hoyer, and Maddon will once again demonstrate my worthiness as a fan, and theirs as the architects.

All said, look where the Cubs have been all season long so far, and they didn’t need my input to do it.

Cubs videos, commentary, numbers, and news available on your official Cubs Home Page.



What do you think?

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