A Marine Omen At Wrigley?

Cubs had the game at 3-0 after 6 on Tuesday night.

By the time the 7th inning was over, Jason Hammel was out of the game, and the bullpen tried to make it interesting for the fin stripes of Miami, yielding 2.  Now a 3-2 ballgame.

Chapman put the fire out, as the game progressed to an end but, was it too little too late?  The answers to all of your Cubs questions always lie here.

In this afternoon’s meeting between the Cubs, and Marlins at Wrigley Field the Cubs were at a decisive 1-0 loss over 5.  All seemed to be a bit too quiet on the Cubs bench but,  the Cubs put a tie on to formalize the 6th at  1-1. 

Something was fishy because the Marlins casually poked in 2 in the 7th to make it less formal.  Even after 8, Miami was somewhat confident of swimming off with a win.

If you’ll remember last series with the Mariners, a wild pitch had everything to do with the outcome of one of the games?  Ironically, there just might be a marine omen of some sort because today’s game was decided by a fateful wild pitch.

The Cubs Official Home Page tells you all about it.


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