A’s To Arrieta For No Runs To The A’s

Bravo!  Excellent!  A’s given to Arrieta allowing no runs through 8 to the A’s.  Jake Arrieta looked stronger than he has in awhile.  Good mix of pitches with some k’s. 

Is Arrieta at the Cy Young level he was at before?  No.  A little more control to locate the fastball, and the answer would be yes.  He’s not far off.  

Taking that thought one step further, I have to ask if we should expect that kind of consistent performance from any player?  No.  That just is not fair.  You can’t expect them on top of their game, every game.

If we had performing players as such, the award winners would be the same every season, and it just doesn’t work that way.

Players will have their streaks at the very top but, those same players will also have their time to be less than at the top of their game.  Sometimes, we have problems as fans who refuse ups, and downs.  They will happen with every player.

Rather than compare Arrieta to his form at the top of his game as a Cy Young Award winner, the question really becomes, how is he as a pitcher?  Look at the stats.  He’s really good, and working on it.

Anyway, the Bullpen finished up the 9th, and Arrieta had a ‘W,’ and the Cubs had a ‘W!’

The details as always are located at the Cubs Friendly Confines where you’re always invited to be confined in the friendliness.

Cubs try to sweep A’s from Oakland today at 305pm – cdt with Kyle Hendricks getting the start for the Cubs.



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