It’s Late; Cubs Fans Don’t Leave

Thursday night’s game lasted long in to the night, past the 9th inning, and still there was a crowded house at Wrigley Field.

In to the 11th, it’s a 3-3 ball game.

The Cubs, and Cards took themselves to 11 innings of play past midnight to an enthused crowd that pretty much remained in tact to the end.   Why would you leave when, the opportunity was there to sing along in unison at the end of the game?

My family has threatened me for singing at our home premises however, I never miss the opportunity to sing it loud; Go Cubs Go!   Fortunately, it is not true what they say about my singing.  I’m never flat, pitch perfect!

A few walks after midnight, and the game to an end  as reported diligently by the Official Cubs Digital Home.

That brings us to the Jake Arrieta start earlier this afternoon.  An afternoon game after a late night?  That’s the schedule.  Arrieta faced up with Adam Wainwright of St. Louis.

The afternoon contest featured a hot Chicago day with rain in the forecast.  There was heat, and humidity in abundance as the game got underway.

I will tell you, the Cubs home territory held off enough rain to declare an official game, and get through 9 innings.

Lots of Round Trippers, today as the hitting got hotter than the day, itself!

In case you haven’t heard the end result of this contest, I will once again refer you to the  Cubs Official Digital Oasis so you can feast on some videos, commentary, and the Box.

Go ahead, and sing; I am but, I’m  not allowed back in the house until I stop singing.







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