Cubs Sweep Brewding Brew Crew

Are the Brewers really brewing a ‘brewding’ atmosphere?  Probably not but, it is as clever as I can get for the moment.  Really clever, huh?

In Major League Baseball with the day to day schedule there is no time to savor a win through the next game nor is there time for lamenting a loss.  Doing either can be disruptive of the focus necessary on the next contest.

The Brewers will regroup in MLB fashion, as the Cubs have celebrated the win in a moment of time which is a good thing.  The Cubs, however will regroup in the same fashion in order to focus on the next game at Coors Field in Denver.

I can’t help being in awe of Kris Bryant’s day at the plate, yesterday.  I mean 2 HRs,  5 RBIs, and for him it seems to be just another day in the life.

The Cubs Game Wrap from yesterday is available with videos, and commentary on the Official Cubs Digital Home Plate.  

Do you think its’ possible, as long as we’re headed for a weekend with the Rockies that they will be the next team to adapt their city name as opposed to the entire state name in their persona?

A rain delay gets us started in Denver so, I just wondered what teams may move in that direction.  The Diamondbacks of Arizona based in Phoenix or, how about the Rangers from Dallas-Ft. Worth?   Just struck me during the rain delay.   See, I’m focused.


What do you think?

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