Cubs Secret Weapon Revealed

The Cubs have had a secret weapon, and other teams might want to take note.  Don’t force the Cubs to use it because, they will use it as necessary.  

The Padres know all about it, and will think again upon forcing the Cubs to use it.  The Padres were surprised by this weapon used last night in the Cubs victory over the Padres in San Diego.

When Jon Lester pitches, other teams have a rough time with the Quality Starter.  Might even score a run but, it usually is never enough.  Lester has the command when he’s pitching.

The caveat to a Lester start is to get on base against him because, the next 90 feet is almost like getting a base gift wrapped as Lester most often won’t throw. So, it’s kind of well known to other clubs; Just go!

Bottom of the 4th last night, and Myers of San Diego dances off 2nd ready to take the gift wrapping at 3rd tries some distraction on Lester before he just goes for it.  Lester knows they know it is well known Lester does not like throwing runners out on the bases.

Myers continues his distracting moves off 2nd, and Lester tosses the ball to Baez who begins a successful run down of Myers for the out.  

Beware, don’t try to taunt or distract Lester from the bases.  it is now common knowledge Lester can, and will throw a runner out trying to steal.

Elsewhere on the field, Addison Russell made an incredible stop, and all in one motion threw the runner out at 1B.  Bottom of the 7th:  You’ve got to see the bare handed grab, and throw by, Javier Baez.  

From the bench there were some HRs courtesy of Bryant, Russell, and Heyward.

Videos along with the box, and commentary from last night’s Cubs victory are on the Cubs Official Digital Media Suite.

Jake Arrieta on the hill Tuesday night at Petco Park in San Diego for a 910pm – CDT  start.



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