Bullpen Can’t Give Away Arrieta Gem

The Bullpen tried but, in the end Oraldis Chapman put out a fire that Felix Pena could not contain in the 9th inning.

The Padres could not get an offensive game going until the 9th inning, and got very close to making a game out of it.

‘Murderer’s Row’  was the tag -line given the 1927 Yankees.

 What tag-line will be worked up to describe the power of the 2016 Cubs line-up that only promises to get stronger?

The ‘power’ doesn’t just belong to Rizzo, and Bryant.  The power is spreading throughout the line-up to include Russell.  Complimenting that power are the singles, and extra base hits provided by just about everybody else, including Cubs Pitchers.

What about next year when, Kyle Schwarber comes back in to the line-up?  Considering he’s in as good of shape as ever,  just imagine the combination with the other 3 power hitters.  

The Cubs Killing Congregation???   I’d really rather integrate a little more peaceful Zen with this tag-line.  That wouldn’t be it.

The healthy Cubs bench was doing well with HRs in abundance but, the bottom of the 9th began looking questionable complete with Padres base runners on hits.

Not only was the bench performing with hits, and runs but, Cubs Starting Pitcher, Jake Arrieta chimed in with a 3 bagger!

What about Russell, and Baez on the infield?  These guys give a whole new meaning to MLB defense.  They are not necessarily in a league of their own but, few are in that league.  Some of the plays they muscle off are amazing!

All was good in the end last night in San Diego as the Cubs got ‘W-80’ on the year.

The second of three coming up from San Diego at 240pm CDT.  Kyle Hendricks gets the start for the Cubs.

As always, your in depth coverage of the Cubs is always available on the Official Cubs Digital Media Suite.



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