Dodger Dealer Can’t Deal Out Cubs

The Los Angeles Dodger Dealer was dealing but, not good enough to out deal the Chapman deal offered by the Cubs in the 10th, Friday night.

Kris Bryant was in the driver’s seat sending two overboard to lead the N.L. with 35 HRs.

The Cubs took the first lead in the ball game relinquishing the lead early, and through the middle innings.  

It was very late in the ball game before the Cubs could tie, and send it in to the bonus round.

This was the Cubs game to win with a lively bench, including 2 HRs from Kris Bryant.  

Mike Montgomery was minus his best in Friday’s contest but, The Bullpen was still able to pick it up for a ‘W.’

The Dodger fans are a vociferous bunch, and a major contingency of Cubs fans were somewhat quiet compared to the usual Cubs fan audio in visiting parks.  That all changed in the 10th as they came alive with each out by the Dodgers in the bottom of the inning.

For more play-by-play, you always have an invite to the official Cubs Digital-Media Suite .

Game two of the three at Dodger Stadium has Jason Hammel throwing for the Cubs.  Opening game pitch at 305pm CDT, Saturday.


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