Ground Round

No ground ’round, and Hammel gets an early dismissal.  

When Jason Hammel is on his game, hitters usually get nothing more than the ground.  It was a little different at Dodger Stadium on Saturday.  

Hammel was missing a little edge on his pitches as they were being hit in the air.  Corey Seager had the gall to send one of those pitches deep taking all 4 bases with him for his trouble.

There were only 2 good hits but, a lot of solid connectivity from Dodger bats pushing balls in to the air was not a good sign.  The answer from Captain Cubbie was an early hook to which  Hammel was visibly displeased with Maddon’s displeasure.

Maddon brought in (Oh great, I thought the spelling bees were over when the Cubs traded Samardzija, then they brought in Szczur, and now…)  Rob Zastryzny, a rookie who would retire all 12 he would face.

Dodger rookie pitcher, Julio Urias kept the Cubs batters’ batteries on low power for much of his appearance.  The Cubs just couldn’t manage too much of an offense.  

He began his pitching day on shaky ground but, it seemed he was motivated to settle the shaky ground from the first shake forward. 

 It would hurt my feelings to a point if, a group of visiting fans could be very well heard cheering for their team at Wrigley Field.  I am positive Cubs fans could not be out cheered in their home park.  

Cubs fans are quite often not out cheered in a visiting park just like yesterday as the never give up cheering of, ‘Let’s go Cubbies’ could be heard very well at Dodger Stadium.

Game wrap, box, videos, commentary and more Cubs info. on the usual  WWW Cubs Official Home Plate Facilities.

Rubber game today, 310pm CDT as Jon Lester will pitch for the Cubs to one time Dodger, David Ross behind the plate. 



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