The game between the Cubs, and Dodgers on Sunday was decided by, a ‘should have been there’ but, wasn’t there kind of play.  It was simply, cover the hitter here instead of there.

Ninth inning, the hitter was covered but, an opening for a runner to advance from 1st to 2nd on anything was opened up.  

A routine throw to 2nd for out no. 3 couldn’t happen, and the runner was safe by, a toe nail.  Did I mention while all of that was taking place, the runner from 3rd trotted home for the winning run.

The Dodgers grab the series, 2 games to 1.

A contingency of Cubs Fans were heard throughout the game, and Dodger Announcer Vin Scully was somewhat amazed as they were heard chanting in unison above the home crowd.  

While there was a little amazement in his voice, he was also well aware that this was normal in visiting parks for the Cubs.

Granted, the Dodgers needed this victory more than the Cubs to give them a 2 game lead over the Giants in the NL West.  

The Cubs have had a much wider grip on the lead in the NL Central but, this is one game you can never have enough insurance.

In baseball, it is never one player who wins or, loses a game.  It’s a team effort.  How did all the working pieces combine for the duration of the game to win or, lose the game?  

The game affords many opportunities throughout a game.  Many plays make up a game but, It takes just one play to end the game.

Jon Lester, once again threw excellent from the hill but, in a losing cause.

In this case; Oops, it’s over.

More coverage is available on the official Cubs Digital Media Suite

No breaks in the action even with a flight back to Chicago.

Jake Arrieta will throw the 1st pitch at 705pm-CDT tonight from Wrigley Field against the Pittsburgh Pirates.


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