Giant Slim Win For Cubs

Jon Lester no hits Giants in to the 7th but, San Francisco ended up with 3 hits as Lester pitched a CG allowing just 1 run. 

The Cubs struck with 2 runs in the 3rd, the Giants with their only run in the 7th on a no-hit break-up HR. 

Post game, David Ross takes the blame for calling the pitch breaking up the no-hitter, and the shutout.  Ross may or may not have called the pitch but, that’s just how Ross seems to be.  Humble.

Here’s what Ross hasn’t pointed out; He has caught Lester almost every game .  He won’t take credit for contributing to Lester’s overall numbers which include a 15-4 w/l record, and a 2.61 ERA. 

It is long overdue for MLB to do a little better statistical accounting in order to give more credit to Catchers for their accomplishments as direct contributors to pitching statistics.  

Ross is the complete package for an MLB Catcher.  That’s why he got my vote for the All Star game.  He is an astute professor, and forever student of the game.

The Cubs, and Giants have gone through 2 of this 4 game series with Chicago winning the first 2.

The action continues between these 2 clubs at Wrigley Field on Saturday at 120pm CDT in a Jake Arrieta – Madison Bumgarner pitch out. 

Read, and watch more on the official Cubs Digital-Media Suite.


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