Say Hey!ward

Borrowing a cheer from 50 years ago when, the San Francisco Giants had one of baseball’s greatest ball players in their line-up known as, the ‘Say Hey Kid.’  

Fans remembering the 60s as I do, recall one of the greatest hitters of all time, and possibly the best ‘basket catcher’ of all time, Willie Mays.

Well, that was ‘Say Hey’ then, and Jason Heyward gets the nod for ‘Say Hey,’ yesterday!

Post game, Heyward was concerned that he might have been responsible for giving up the deciding run of the ball game to the Giants with an error in RF.  

Even if that was the case, which it wasn’t because one man doesn’t win or lose a game, Heyward was looking for redemption.

Heyward got redemption.  Not once or, twice but, all 3 runs by, the Cubs can be accredited to Heyward.  One in the 4th, the tie it up run in the 9th, and the winning run in the 13th. 

Cubs take the series with the Giants, 3 games to 1.

All I can Say is Hey!  …ward.

Videos, and ‘Say Hey’ chat on your official Cubs Digital-Media Suite.

The Cubs begin a road trip in Milwaukee with a 1210pm – CDT first pitch  from Miller Park.  Kyle Hendricks will get the start for the Cubs. 

Thank you to the San Francisco Giants for letting me borrow, ‘Say Hey’ if only for the moment.



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