Ignore Shellac, It’s Just Shellac

Numbers don’t lie but, you can’t depend on past numbers to dictate today’s results.

Certainly with the numbers the way they are, the Cubs should have easily handled the Tuesday night game against the Brewers.  

One game at a time.

The Brewers came out swinging, and set the tone for the night knocking in 5 to rock the 1st inning.  The Cubs answered with 1 run in the 1st, and another run in the 2nd.

The Brewers were not done getting runs, and piled on plenty.

The usual mixed media describes the game on the Cubs Official Digital-Media Suite.

Each game gets to be more, and more like work.  It’s a job!  A nice, well paying job.  Still, it is a grind.  No excuses because one team did play this game at a higher level, and they too are subject to the same grind.

I revert to the beginning with my original thought. Numbers may give you an idea of what to expect but, in this context they are vulnerable.

When your team comes out on the short end of a shellacing, just ignore, and go on to the next game.

Mike Montgomery gets the Cubs  start tonight from Miller Park in Milwaukee.  The 1st pitch at 710pm – CDT.



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