No Mike Change Necessary

I hear you just fine.  You were right on pitch singing for your spot in the post season.

Mike Montgomery’s start against the Brewers on Wednesday was worth taking a second look.

Why?  Unlike his previous outings with the Cubs he was, quite impressive.

Maybe it’s the inter-league settling in process but, Montgomery looked good.  

If this is what Montgomery is really like from the mound, it might be tough to leave him behind, post-season.

Keep in mind, the ultimate opponent post season will be from the American League.  

Montgomery will start again before the end of the regular season, and we’ll have that chance to validate a positive break-out NL style.

More details from Wednesday’s game, and a preview of tonight’s game from Minute Maid Park in Houston comes to you sort of live on the official Cubs Digital-Media Suite.



What do you think?

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