Rubber Back Tonight

The Astros, and Cubs are tied at 1 game each, and return for the rubber game at Minute Maid Park tonight.  

Once again, will back off the local Cubs broadcast in favor of the ESPN broadcast.  Yesterday, it was FOX.

Jon Lester had a good outing on Friday, in a combined effort for the 2-0 win over Houston.

Lester, and Ross did what they do best as a battery.  Houston put on a little more of an aggressive base running game.  What they don’t know is, Lester can, and will throw over to the bases.  

David Ross behind the plate is most always ready to kill an opponent’s running game. 

Lester had some 7s in his numbers.  7 IP, 7 H, 7 SO.  

Rondon, and Chapman split 2 innings between them with the only difference being 2 SO for Rondon, and 1 for Chapman.

Kris Bryant hit a 2 run HR, and that held up as the game winner.  

The Houston franchise had first claim on whoever they wanted in the draft, passing on Bryant, and the Cubs having the 2nd pick jumped at the chance.  

The story continues to unfold but, things could have been different, and that might have been 2 runs for Houston.

Back to reality, the stat entered in to the Bryant column to the benefit of the Cubs.

John Lackey took on the pitching chores on Saturday allowing 2 runs on 4 H, 3 BB, 5 SO in 6.  Really not too bad except, those 2 R counted as the W for Houston.  They were the only runs of the ball game.

The Cubs bench is splintering a bit in Houston with 3 runs over 2 games.

As for watching the FOX/ESPN broadcasts, they usually have at least 1 too many people trying to over analyze each other, and at least 1 too many people always talking about every past situation, every current situation, and every possible future occurrence in their humble opinions.

I just want a little quiet from them once in awhile so I can relax, and just watch the ball game.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching Vin Scully on the Dodgers game via, and he profusely apologized to the TV side for extra chatter but, they were simulcasting on the radio.

Being one of the greatest baseball announcers since he first came aboard with the Brooklyn Dodgers 66+ years ago, he understands the necessity for as few words as possible but, making each of those words count with the same brilliance a great artist paints a masterpiece.

In tonight’s ESPN game, the Cubs give Jake Arrieta the start from
Minute Maid Park in Houston.  



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