How Tweet It Is

The Cardinals are gasping for a voice in the wild card race because the NL Central flag is all but, taken by the Chicago Cubs who have taken the tweets right out of the Cardinals beaks.

Kyle Hendricks had an almost no-hitter until the 9th in St. Louis when he yielded an HR, for the only hit, and run for the Cards.

Unfortunately, Jason Hammel did not throw his usual game, getting batters to hit it on the ground.

Most often, when Hammel pitches, batters look to the sky, and hope but, not this time. Cardinals batters were relieved as the balls usually going downward, went up.

To compound the problems on the mound, a rather non-productive bench did not capitalize on opportunities presented.

It turns out, Jon Lester would come back in the rubber game with a gem backed up by an offense that left the Redbirds chirpless.

Anthony Rizzo sent a couple over giving Rizzo 720′ to trot, and David Ross took a 360′ run on a belt.

The Busch was full of tweeters but, at the end of this one; Not a chirp could be heard.

The Cardinals flew South, and the Cubs couldn’t be less interested in a Winter sleep as they flew home to Wrigley to meet the Brewers to prey on the 1 victory needed to take any guess work out of who will have the NLC title in 2016.

The Cubs celebration continues on the Official Chicago Cubs
Digital-Media Suite
.  1 ‘W’ and this suite will really be sweet!

Go Cubs Go!

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