Cubs Lose & Win & Win Before Losing

Consider that title, and the Cubs play the 4th of 4 with the Brewers, tomorrow.  There’s one more game of four between these two clubs, and four instances of winning, and losing in the title.

Most of the Cubs fans already know but, if you’re one of the few who may not know, Fly the W! to October Cubs post season play.

The Cubs were just giving the Brewers something to talk about; ‘We beat the Cubs, and they didn’t win the Central because of us.  At least not until the lights went down on the Giants-Cards contest with San Francisco the winner.  

The Brewers were right.  They had absolutely nothing to do with the Cubs clinch in the NLC.

It took some wind out of their sails as Brewers were floating in foam, and the Cubs winning the division title at  the expense of the Cardinals loss.

That spoiled the spoiler for Milwaukee.  So even thought the Brewers won, and  the Cubs lost, the Cardinals lost to give the Cubs the win.  See, that was easy, right?  Imagine me as an educator with those kinds of explanations.

Without being able to be the spoilers, the Brewers succumb in disappointment.  Simply put, they lose to the NLC winners.

The official clinching of the division party celebrated that night.  The Brewers would have no participation as Cubs party spoilers.

Game 3 of 4 has the Brewers bench alive, and well but, one day too late to spoil the party.

Cubs pitching not too sharp, and the bench frozen.  You can only guess how this one went.

Tomorrow is the 4th of 4 as the regular season final  home stand at Wrigley Field winds down.

The official Cubs Digital-Media Suite sweetens the Cubs trip to October featuring, News, Videos, and Commentary.

Fly the ‘W.’


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