Nap Time Over

The Cubs transcended pajama time to emerge late in the game with a
tri-fecta of HRs, and several more hits for the ‘W’ at Wrigley Field.

All evening, it seemed like the 2 runs by, Cincinnati would possibly, maybe hold-up.  

The Reds would have a surprise; Don’t depend on sleepers to lie long, especially if they were wearing some of the PJs they’ve worn, and especially because they are the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs were mandated ‘Pajama Road Trips’ through the season by, Cubs Skipper,  Joe Maddon.  This was obviously not in the name of high fashion.

Memory in tact, I believe fines were imposed for non-participants.

Any ballplayer might just want to skip this activity as it certainly has nothing what-so-ever to do with high fashion sleepwear.

This could have been the reason the Cubs hitting squad awakened. Flash memory! Another sleep wear Cubs road trip. No!  Wake up! 

With all of that looming, the Cubs bench successfully collected all the fruit, and put the game away for the ‘W.’

I don’t think official team pics of a Joe Maddon imposed ‘pajama road trip’ ended up in Fashion Magazine, at least, I hope not but, I believe there was a pic or 2 at one time  on the Cubs Official Digital-Media Suite. 

More videos, news, the box, and commentary on last night’s game also available on the Suite.

Jon Lester starts for the Cubs with the first pitch at 705pm CDT tonight from Wrigley Field.



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