Cy Of Relief

John Lackey had some favorable stats to show for Wednesday’s Cubs victory, and sweep of the Cincinnati Reds.

The Cubs hitters were hot with 15 hits, and 9 crossing the plate.

Now, there’s a sigh of relief as Cy Young winner, Jake Arrieta pitched more like last year’s Cy Young winner.  Arrieta was pitching with a lot of control winning over the corners of the plate.  

Arrieta started today’s game against the Cardinals, and pitched 7 innings of gold.

Joe Maddon had only one reason for pulling Arrieta after 7.  Rest up, and stay focused for October.  This was assurance that the bullpen would also get some quality work to stay in the game for post season play.

The pitching combo allowed zero, zelch, zip for runs on just 5 hits.

The Cubs put together 5 runs for today’s ‘W.’

Pre-game, Cubs Catcher David Ross was honored by his teammates with some special gifts becoming quite an emotional moment for fan favorite, Ross.

Check out the official Cubs Digital-Media Clubhouse, and catch up with the Cubs.


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