Basking In Memories

Today, I’m playing ‘Remember When.’  My youth.  I still have some youth in me, and I’m basking in it, today.

A whole bunch of years have passed since I was dwelling in the L.A. area.  There are many remembrances but, one that stands out was listening to Dodger baseball.

Some of the players in my earliest memories include John Roseboro as the Catcher in the lead-off position.  Others include:  Don Zimmer (yup!  He was on the Dodgers.)  Some left from Brooklyn included, Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, and Carl Erskine.

More players from my earliest Dodgers memories were Jim Gilliam, Charlie Neal, Norm Larker, Carl Furillo, Wally Moon,  one of L.A.’s all time favorite Dodgers’ icons and, a personal all-time favorite, Sandy Koufax.

Back then, there were no TV games except on KTTV-11, only on the road, and only up north at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.  That was it.  Every game, home, and away was on KFI radio.

Vin Scully was great on TV but, his vivid descriptions of the game on the radio was like closing your eyes to watch a movie.  This was the unbelievable unfolding before my very ears as early as when I was 10 or, 11 years old.

Today is the last home game for the Dodgers with Vin Scully calling the game. Arguably, all who present the game on TV or, radio today concede they are only trying to aspire to the level of the best.

The TV broadcast in the above video is about 5 yrs. old.

Vin Scully has had one employer since 1950 beginning with the
Brooklyn Dodgers transcending ownership changes, and the move to Los Angeles.

So fitting that Vin Scully calls his final home game, and the Dodgers go ten to win the NL-West title.

Thanks Vin; You’ve been a part of a pleasant lifetime memory.

Now, I’ll get ready for Cubs Baseball with the final home game of the regular season at Wrigley Field on ESPN.

My sincere condolences out to the Family, Friends, and the
Miami Marlins, on the loss of Jose Fernandez.  It is all too soon.


What do you think?

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