Surrender? Really?

It just so happens the Cubs are the only ones speaking triple digits in Major League Baseball for now.  

That is 100 wins even as some Pirates fans draped a flag of sorts over a wall at PNC Park calling for the Cubbies to surrender, with a further demand for the ‘W’ flag.

Huh!!!!!  All I can say to them is, yeah, sure, and whatever.  Hope it was an enjoyable walk over the plank with the Pirates last night.  

Don’t want to sound too mean so, I hope you landed softly on dry land but, in case you didn’t, at least a nice swim.

The Cubs were too busy playing baseball against the Pirates to even entertain such a ridiculous notion.

To be sure, it was truly a plank walk last night while Kyle Hendricks engineered an excellent outing with the hits, and runs piled on by, the Cubs offense.

It was a very high scoring game for one club, and not so much for the other.  You know, not so much for the team that walked the plank with their fans, and the surrender flag.

Tell you what, you guys keep your flag, and we’ll keep Flying the W!

More details on last night’s game as always on The official
Cubs Digital-Media Suite

The Cubs play the Pirates in the 2nd of 4 in tonight’s contest at Pittsburgh beginning at 605pm CDT with John Lackey getting the start for the Cubs.



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