Pirates Try To Reign On Cubs Parade

Swashbucklers were once again seen swashbuckling in their designer galoshes in the stands at Pittsburgh losing their stand as rain was cast on the series end between the Cubs, and Pirates.  

All they got was a shortened official game of 5+ innings before the game was called.

Both teams scored early, and played the 4th game of a 4 game series to a 1-1 tie.  The Cubs won 2 out of 3.

It was Bullpen night for the Cubs at PNC Park with Rob Zastryzny getting the start for the Cubs.  During Zastryzny’s tenure of 3.2 innings, he gave up 1 unearned run, 2 hits, 2 free passes, and 4 gotcha’s.

Upon being replaced with Travis Wood,  Joe Maddon was observed by Len, and J.D. in the broadcast booth saying to Zastryzny an encouraging, ‘You gave me everything I asked for!’

From my post comfortably stretched across the couch in front of the screen he looked pretty good, and I think he’ll do  very well sometime next season on the Cubs Wrigley Squad. 

Fortunately for me, I prepped this blog as an easy access, and lead in to the official Cubs Digital-Media Headquarters or, I would need extra ‘Z’ keys as back-up for the one on this keyboard.

You have to see ‘Z’ Cubs roster!


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