Selling Yourself As A New President

Want to become the President?

First, a good namesake.  If not,  at least a good pitch.  

Last night, we saw a candidate with the namesake, and a good pitch.  Buchanan.  President Buchanan….kind of has a familiar ring.

Jake Buchanan had a solid 5 from the mound as the Cubs starting pitcher in Cincinnati.  Two hits, a walk, and  3 lights out to his own credit.  

Overall, Buchanan looked quite Presidential facing opponents from 60′ 6″ away.  

If this is how the Prez will look from that distance, he’ll probably hold office right there, quite a bit more often, next season.

Ben Zobrist punched one in to the seats reminding Joe Maddon of his overall worth to the Cubs as post season is just around the corner.

Zobrist got to thinking that maybe an exclamation point might help emphasize his worth though probably not in question.  

Zobrist’s recent World Series contribution to a victorious team aside, wooding another pitch out to the stands couldn’t be a bad idea so, why not?

Win 102 is in the books for the Cubs with 2 games to go in the regular season.  

No other MLB team has a probable claim on 3 digits in the win column during the regular season.

Fly The ‘W!’ 

Answers to Why or, why not along with last night’s Cubs Box, Game Wrap, Videos, Cubs News, and Commentary always available 24/7 at the official Chicago Cubs Digital-Media Headquarters.

Jon Lester will get today’s Cubs start at great American Ball Park in Cincinnati with game time at 3:10pm CDT.



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