Fast Forward

Jon Lester had some of the right stuff last night but, just slightly off the usual.

lester has been one of baseball’s premier pitchers, this year.  It just didn’t go his way last night.  Everybody’s entitled to an off day once in awhile, and last night, it was Lester’s turn.

The game didn’t mean anything in the overall standings for the Cubs who, as a team clinched everything possible there is to clinch to this point for Post-Season play.

Lester was trying to achieve win no. 20 for the regular season but, will have to settle for 19 which, in itself is a nice stat to have at your side.

Lester is on fast forward to his next start in Post-Season play beginning on a big 10-4.

The final Cubs game during the regular season is today with
Kyle Hendricks getting his final start of the regular season with the Reds relinquishing the opening pitch at 2:10pm CDT from Cincinnati at
Great American Ball Park.

You may or, may not know the  Cubs have re-signed Theo Epstein, President of Baseball for 5 years going forward.  

Then, several days later re-signed Epstein’s top choices for continuing a cohesive management structure. 

Two more keys to this year’s Cubs success, General Manager Jed Hoyer, and the President of Scouting, and Player Development Jason McLeod each reached a five year contract extension agreement.

All of the game details, along with up to date Cubs news is available 24/7 on the official Cubs Digital-Media Headquarters


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