Basketball Is On At Wrigley

After a comeback at Cincinnati on the last day of the season, the Cubs were pumped.  

With a little time off, the question might be, ‘Are they still pumped for game 1 of their first post-season meeting with the Giants at Wrigley Field?’

Let’s see how that went last night.

Jon Lester started for the Cubs.  Lester was accomplishing some of his best work in game 1 however, so did the Giants’ Johnny Cueto.  

This was a real pitcher’s outing running scoreless through the 7th inning.  Getting late, and no runs for either team.

Jon Lester’s Catcher in prime, David Ross prevented the Giants from a running game with a couple of excellent plays, including a great pick-off at first.

There was no void in San Francisco’s defense as well.  

This could only be a premium pitcher’s duel.  That’s exactly what it became, and fans of good pitching saw a duel that was well worth the time to watch. 

In the 8th, the pitch, and the hit that would change the game in to the Basket at Wrigley.

Cubs fans are highly aware of the Basket at Wrigley Field.  Giants fans who might have been unacquainted with the Basketball game in Chicago  are now, well aware.

For those who don’t know, ‘The Basket’ is the shortest route to a homerun at Wrigley Field.  

When the wind blows in at Wrigley Field, a high, long drive can be shortened.  In that case, the closer basket attached to the fences is a final possibility for a homerun.  You might consider it reward for that drive that was headed for the streets but, pushed back.

When the wind is blowing out, consider it a  homerun for just getting it there.

Getting  back to last night, the wind was blowing in.  There was that one pitch, slo-mo to the plate, spinning just a little bit, and the ball  reaches its’ destination, the batter swings.  You hear it.  A loud crack on the heart of the bat.  Right then, you know the outcome.  We’ve heard that sound many times.

 It is a swat befitting a long fly out of the entire park, and in to the street but, last night the wind was blowing in.  This would become the only run, and the winning run of the game all due to Basketball at Wrigley Field.

          Last night’s game details are available on the official                            Chicago Cubs Digital-Media Page.



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