Qi Is Key

Powerful minds can enhance power over all other power.

In spite of all odds at any given time, it is power in the moment.  Thought can virtually move mountains.

It was a moment in time when the score in the ball game 5-2.  It was a last chance grab in the 9th inning.  All that was needed was just 3 outs. Certainly the team with 2 runs would not be winning this ball game.

Then, there is another moment.  Beware.  Never take the next moment for granted.  Many things can happen in a moment of time.

The lead-off was on base but, the score remained 5-2.  There was in any case, collective thought.  ‘We’ve been in this spot before, and we were the victors.  Why not, again?’

Pushing luck too far?  No literal speeches out loud but, you knew the prevailing collective thought in the dugout was; ‘Game On!’  Thought so powerful, it manifested the improbable.

This was confirmed by, the NLDS Champion Cubs exiting the House of Giants in San Francisco after that 4 run 9th.

The official Cubs Digital-Media Suite scores more on this, as well as the Cubs  entry in to stage 2 of the 2016 Post-Season!

‘Fly The W!


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