Tighten Your Belt Buckles

Tighten your belt buckles.  Dexter Fowler’s excused after Fowler made a spectacular play in center last night sliding in to make a catch on a ball ready to hit green.  In doing so, Fowler’s belt broke on green.

The rest of us can tighten for a difficult NLCS series between the Cubs & Dodgers with 6 to go.

My obvious sentiment is with the Cubs, and my best, honest prediction is, Cubs in 7.

The Cubs took the early lead last night but, the Dodgers put 2 on the board in the 8th to tie it up.

The Dodgers did not come this far to merely be turned away.  Good case in point would be last night when the Dodgers scored 2 to tie in the 8th.     The L.A. entrants in the NLCS didn’t quit.  3-3 in the 8th.

On the other hand if this season had anything to teach to other teams about the Cubs, it could be that it’s best especially late in the game, to not get the Cubs p…, no wait, I can’t write this way.  I am more sophisticated than that so, I’ll start that one again.

If the 2016 season had lessons to teach about this year’s version of the Cubs, it would be to not get the Cubs adrenalin going late because, it goes in to an unspecified high gear, and they don’t quit.

Bottom of the inning.  The wheels turning as Cubs Manager Joe Maddon got in to a line-up rearranging contest with the Dodgers Manager,
Dave Roberts.

And of course, the typical upscale adrenalin flow  through the Cubs dugout was felt as the Dodgers caught the Cubs, late.

To the bottom of the 8th, the Cubs competitive energy is at its’ highest.

Would this inning diffuse the escalation of the typical Cubs high energy?  Do the Dodgers take 2 from their half of the 8th, and use it as springboard to a successful 9th?

Which team is slammed, and who does the slamming?  If you saw last night’s game, you know the answers, and you know who’s one-up in the series. If not, check out the official Cubs Digital-Media Suite.

The Cubs will have Kyle Hendricks throwing out the 1st pitch in game 2 of this series tonight from Wrigley Field, 7pm-CT.  The Dodgers will start Clayton Kershaw. 



What do you think?

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