Just As I Said Yesterday

Yesterday, after the Cubs come back with a victory featuring the ‘slam’ by
Miguel Monterro, I did mention several points, and on this off day with the series tied at 1 apiece, I’ll reiterate.

This is going to be an exciting contest of 7 games with the Cubs going to the Series.

I mentioned, it wasn’t going to be easy.  The Dodgers don’t move to this point in the year, and merely fold.  That will not happen.

The Cubs will have to do better than last night against the Dodgers.  The difference in the game was  the Dodgers  Clayton Kershaw.  

Kershaw threw a great game with the Dodgers’ bullpen backing him just right.

The Cubs were a bit too anxious to get to Kershaw.  

How do you get to him?  Wear him down.  Back off pitches that are off. Easy for me to say, more difficult for players to do because, when Kershaw is on his game only a few pitches can be left alone.  The rest of his pitches are ripe for swinging at, and most of the leftovers look like they should be swung at even if, it’s not really true.

The early HR given up by, Kyle Hendricks was early, and the Cubs had ample time to move ahead.

Hendricks settled down, and did okay after the HR.  He compiled some Ks, and held Dodgers hitting to a minimum.  

The Cubs bullpen also held the Dodgers to that one, and only run.  Plenty to take the win from the Cubs last night.

The Cubs could conceivably face Kershaw again before the NLCS is over.

Game notes, videos, the box, commentary available on the official
Cubs Digital-Media Suite.

The action picks up again, Tuesday at Dodger Stadium.


What do you think?

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