Follow-up To 10-2 Cubs Victory

How about an 8-4 win in Los Angeles as a follow-up to that 10-2 win? That works for me.

I was going going to be very clever, and call Wednesday’s blog entry ‘R&R’ but, everybody beat me to it. By now everybody is buzzing about the  wake-up by the Cubs bench.  10-2 Cubs was the final on the wake-up call.

The Rizzo, Russell machine has awakened, and so has most of the Cubs offense.  Even Matt Szczur who isn’t even on the roster made contributions of sorts, not to exclude leggings or, underwear of sorts, and a bat.

Speaking of offense and/or  defense, how about Javier Baez?  Hit, catch, throw, doesn’t matter, he must have been born that way.  His MLB skill level has rocketed in a relatively short time.

Kenta Maeda started for L.A.last night with a parade from the bullpen.

Lester, despite a relatively high pitch count coming in to the 7th kept going, and looked good holding the Dodgers to just 1 run.  

The Dodgers would add 3 more runs late off the Cubs bullpen but, it wouldn’t be enough for L.A. 

Details with videos available on the official Cubs Digital-Media Suite.

The Cubs will regain home field advantage, the Dodgers will regain the Clayton Kershaw advantage, and the Cubs will have to win just 1 of 2 at home or…, why not wear out an over worked Kershaw, and wrap it in 6?

Game 6 of this best of 7 picks up at Wrigley Field, Saturday Night with a re-match of Hendricks, and Kershaw.


What do you think?

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