I Am Looking Forward To Monday

Why Monday?  Answer:  I get to go to work in the morning.  

As I walk in the door, there is always the morning sales meeting.  I look forward to that meeting.  Especially, this coming Monday.

It is the beginning of the work day.  A very informal sales meeting full of sales figures with a more vital chit-chat in between.

As early as March the attacks, the chiding, the teasing began at those very meetings.  

I proudly proclaimed it was the year of the Cubs.  I received such replies as; The year of the Cubs for what?  The year of the Cubs, great expectations, and wait until next year…again? 

Through the 2016 campaign somebody (my boss) kept up the teasing, and taunting, reassuring a captive audience that the Cubs would keep me waiting for another year.  

During those meetings amidst laughter aimed at me, and the Cubbies, they all thought it was another no-go for the Cubs.

Prepare to be disappointed, I was told.  The Cubs will choke, and never see the post-season.  Laugh, laugh, laugh.

The end of the season, and the Cubs were the best team in baseball!  I knew I had them now.

Time for the 1st meeting after the season.  I had them now!  No more teasing, laughing, chiding me as the Cubs were going to post season play but, no that would not be the case.

I was greeted with a new series of blabber, that the Cubs would choke in the NLDS, and Wrigley Field would certainly shut down for the year at the end of the NLDS.  More laughter, and taunts.

I knew better. 

Upon the final out of the NLDS, I would walk in to the very next sales meeting to more laughter as they chided me.

A couple of Dodger fans reassured me, it was over.  They were certain, Clayton Kershaw would easily grab 2 wins from the Cubs certain of 2 more victories beyond that as an easy task.

Imagine how they continued their enjoyment as the 1st Hendricks-Kershaw meeting took place, and concluded.

I was reminded just this last Friday of Kershaw’s reappearance this weekend, that will put the writing on the wall for the Cubs demise.  See you Monday followed by a final laugh as the meeting concluded.

They were absolutely positive a baseball death warrant on the Cubs season had been signed, sealed, and delivered.

Hendricks was not at his best last time out. Hendricks was at his very best last night shutting down, and shutting out the Dodgers bringing L.A. to the end of their 2016 season.

The final score for the Cubs to clinch the 2016 National League Pennant, 5-0 Cubs, and the Cubs move on to the World Series for the 1st time since 1945.

When I approach tomorrow’s sales meeting, I’ll say nothing of the NL Champion Cubs claim to the World Series.  

I’ll let the nay-sayers do all the talking.  They’ll tease, taunt, and laugh some more but, that’s okay.  Let ’em rip because, they’ve done it all year, and for as long as they’ve been doing that, the Cubs kept moving up as their personal favorites dropped; Fading away until next year.

Four more wins, and every meeting through March I will offer (force feed) them my full critique of their actions cast upon me, and the 2016 World Champion Cubs.

Check out the official Cubs Digital-Media Suite, watch some videos, Fly The ‘W,’ and continue the celebration!

To all of you at my work place, and especially my boss who we’ll call, oh let’s see, how about Brian; Dodger Stadium is closed for the year.

Wrigley Field remains open for the 2016 World Series.

The Series begins in Cleveland on Tuesday as the National League Champion Cubs meet the American League Champion Indians for game 1 of 7.



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