Games 1 & 2 of the World Series in Cleveland are out of the way.

Cleveland captured game 1 with their pitching.  Corey Kluber combined with Andrew Miller allowing only 7 scattered hits, and no runs.

Kluber on for 6 with 9 Cubs in to a strike-out pattern with the Indians bullpen adding on 6 more ks for the night.

After moving briskly on a come back trail including a route through the Arizona Fall League, Kyle Schwarber who was on the DL for most of the 2016 regular season was returning to the active roster.

The big question mark was in place.

A.L. hosts, A.L. rules, and Schwarber would fill the DH spot in the line-up.  Like a lot of other Cubs he was subject to a k but, Schwarber also participated by adding to the 7 scattered hits by the Cubs.

Game 2 belongs to Chicago.  Jake Arrieta with a brilliant start, was looking better than he has for most of the 2016 season.  He went most of 5, allowing a run on 2 hits, and 6 ks.  The Cubs bullpen added 6 more swings, and looks to account for a total of 12 ks on the night.

Cleveland went down with only another 2 hits to their credit.

Kyle Schwarber had 2 of the Cubs 9 hits.

No more Schwarber????  It’s Schwarber!!!!

For the 1st time in 71 years, the 2016 World Series moves to Wrigley Field for 3.

Kyle Schwarber does not have clearance for anything but, batting.  N.L. park, N.L. rules. No DH.  Joe Maddon will have one time only per game at using Schwarber as a PH.

It appears Schwarber has been working hard to get back, and now he is back with some big power swings to help his team mates for this historic October calling.

Schwarber almost tagged an HR this series but, it barely stayed in the park for a triple.  He’s maintained everything in that power swing he had prior to the injury.

He will be met with thunder, and lightning by the fans at Wrigley Field.

it would be great if the Cubs could win it all at home but, Kluber should be making an appearance for Cleveland at Wrigley Field.  Then again, the Cubs did have to meet up with Clayton Kershaw  in 2 of 5 games with the Dodgers to get this far.

Go Cubs Go!  Fly The ‘W!’





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