Cubs Begin 3 Game Win Streak Tonight

The Cubs are at Wrigley Field in the World Series, and 3 more wins from the World Series Championship.

Doing the math, they have played 4 of 7 which does not put them on the plus side of this equation.  Cleveland can claim the World Series flag with a victory in any one of the next 3 games.

All right.  The Cubs are down but, they’re not out.

With a victory tonight, the Cubs could be right back in it. With that victory tonight, and 2 more must wins in Cleveland, the Tribe will lose to all odds in their favor.

I haven’t given up.  After all, it is possible for today’s Cubs to come up with a 3 game winning streak.  We’ve all seen that, and better this year.

There is a bit of a problem:  Most of the Cubs squad consists of players new to Major League level of play.  They want to help win this Series.

They want this so bad, they’ll do anything they can.  However, some are pressing, and when you press, it’s easy to lose sight of the immediate mechanics necessary to reach the eventual goal.

It is an eventual goal.  Not always thinking of knocking an HR but, just doing what’s possible to get on to allow the next batter to do the same is also a hero for moving a runner around in 90′ increments.  

Depending on the circumstances of each game, and managing personal strengths, and weaknesses, a player understands when to go for a 4 bagger or, just get on to move everybody up.

The importance of being that kind of a hero only becomes apparent with aging at the Major League level.

I will say, win or lose the Series, this team is coming back stronger next season.  In all probability they will be the World Series favorite in 2017 but, as a more experienced team.  

In 2017, The Cubs will have most of the same players as they do now. They will all be veteran players, all with World Series experience,  a little less eager to press, and mechanics in tact.  

103 wins in 2016 may just seem a paltry statistic in 2017.

The official Cubs on-line of site brings you Cubs info. 24/7. 

Fly The W, and watch on FOX as the Cubs 3 game winning streak begins tonight at Wrigley Field with the Cubs giving the ball to Jon Lester throwing out the 1st pitch at 7pm – CDT.




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