Cubs Win 1st Of 3 Game Win Streak

‘Don’t worry, now we got this!’  I heard that Saturday before the game at a Tribal Council of fans.  ‘Cubs have given new meaning to an expanded strike zone.’

Okay, point taken.

If Sunday night was an example; Surprise!  The kids were pretty much in line, and the strike zone was mysteriously shrinking.

Javier Baez surprised with a perfect bunt! Heyward starts to rock, and even did some remarkable wall climbing to catch the baseball for an out.

The crowd was more World Series noisy throughout the Sunday night game 5 as the Cubs leave Wrigley Field for the last time in 2016 with a ‘W!’

So, now what?

Where’d the Tribal Council go?  Game over, and they dispersed.  Couldn’t find them, any where.  I was so ready.

Wanted to let them know that some of the kids were catching on.  The Cubs were well in to the game.  Once the Cubs had the lead, they never relinquished the lead.

The vets were more than doing their jobs at strategic times in the field as well as manifesting at the plate.  Nobody inappropriately trying to swing for the fences.

Sunday night was a good example of how to successfully compete with the Indians.

It took a little time but, I believe the Cubs are comfortable, and will complete the 3 game win streak.

A win on Tuesday gets the Cubs even in the series, and tilts the momentum scale to the Cubs.

Jake Arrieta starts for the Cubs in game 6 at Cleveland in just a few minutes on FOX.  Josh Tomlin starts for Cleveland.  

Fly The W!




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