66 2/3% Complete

I have mentioned this before but, in more sophisticated language.

There is no more authentic, direct way of saying this but, don’t piss the Cubs off!  It doesn’t work.  They just get better.  They become more aware.

Consider yourself as fuel for their success. They enjoy your company, and thankful as you become their fuel for fortune.

The Cleveland Indians have pissed them off, and in doing so fired up the Cubs hitting squad.

The Cubs were deemed doomed as the Series went 3-1 in favor of Cleveland, and now we will be watching game 7 as the Cubs evened the series   The Cleveland Indians became fuel for Cubs fire!

Bryant began the night with an HR in the 1st.  The Cubs got some more hits, and took another 2 runs in the inning for a 3 run 1st.

Addison Russell, saw his pitch in the 3rd, and with one swing, slammed in 4 more runs.

Inning 4 looked like some trouble brewing for the Cubs as Cleveland scored 1 but, left the bases loaded with no further damage.

To the 5th, it was 7-1 Cubs.  By the time the game ended, the teams combined for 12 Runs on 19 Hits.

The box,  more details, and showcase of game 7 including videos from last night always on the official Cubs Line of Sight.

You’ll note when the Cubs were down 3 games to 1, I predicted a 3 game winning streak for the Cubs, and they’ve completed 662/3% of the task.

Everything’s good in Wrigleyville as Dexter Fowler leads off to face    Corey Kluber in game 7 now on FOX.





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