Let’s Talk Turkey

When Theo Epstein arrived, I was happy, and well aware of his reputation. 

I gave him a week or, two upon his arrival.  Then I became overly critical of every visible move he made.  How could he just gut the parent club in favor of the farm system?

Theo Epstein could do no right.  It seemed that a sacrifice of the Cubs for the Minors was unfair, and certainly not the correct path.

Obviously, I was wrong.  So, the question remains; What have I learned?

The first thing I learned was, the business of baseball was quite vague to me, and in order to make the decisions that Epstein made were completed with a thorough knowledge of the business of baseball encompassed with the over all picture. 

I am a Cubs fan.  I don’t get in to the intricacies of baseball contracts because, I don’t know enough about them. Theo Epstein does understand what I don’t which would explain where he is, why he does what he does, and what he’s doing for Cubs fans.

Learning is not something that stops with age.  I intend to keep learning until the very end; There will always be something I can learn or, for that matter, re-learn.

Aging alone is no automatic for knowing more than someone younger or, vice-versa. 

Patience would have been my best medicine. 

Epstein arrived, and I expected instant magic.

Every time he took a piece from the Cubs,  got somebody less than great for the major league club, and included an extra pick, a draft choice, a developing player, I cringed.  

What was Theo Epstein waiting for?  What could he possibly be thinking?

Patience.  It is a major virtue.  Sometimes better to wait, and see before becoming so critical.  

I have given myself a chance to appear stupid at best for not taking time to listen, and keep up the learning factor.  At the same time, there is no reason to beat myself up as a fan.

Regressing, Theo Epstein arrived on the job, and in a reasonable amount of time gave a time line for a productive post-season Cubs team.  Even Epstein could be wrong.

Epstein said to be patient as 2016 would be the first sign of magic for Cubs fans, and he was wrong.  

In 2015 Theo Epstein built the Cubs to the point where even he would be surprised.  

On a Wild Card bid and, a victory in the NLDS the 2015 Cubs moved forward to the NLCS.  There was a flicker of magic in post season play for Cubs fans.

He was right, and wrong.

2016 is the year Epstein originally designated as his target for ultimate success.  His expertise was obviously right there.

He knew how long it would take to steer the Cubs in to a position where they would climb the ladder in the NL to 103 games in the win column. The transformation was right on the time line just as Epstein described.

You know all about the magic of the 2016 season.

Theo Epstein engineered not just a good team but, a great World Series Champion team that could not, and would not be stopped even when down 3-1 in the Series.

I have been impatient, and hyper-critical of Epstein at times.  He did promise magic in 2016, and his 2016 presentation was nothing less than promised.

This article serves as my apology, my realization, my thank you.

I goofed is saying it lightly.  

So, I discovered my place in the entire scenario.  I am a Cubs fan, and it’s the best place for me.  I’m really good at that!

Fly The W!


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