Fowler Power

I’m a product of the 60s so, why not some Flower Power, peace, and love?

Okay, wait!  I get it.  That title says Fowler Power not, Flower Power….my bad but still, why not a fresh helping of flowers, peace, love, and a 2017 Cubs World Series victory with Dexter Fowler?

The Cubs have been turned down by, Dexter Fowler.  It is the Cubs qualifying offer to Fowler that has been turned down.  That was a 17mil single season offer.

As a fan, I’d like to see Fowler return to the Cubs..  Fowler is 30 y/o, and he could easily be a producer for another 5 yrs.  

This is strictly Theo Epstein’s call, and trust he will do the best for the Cubs in this situation.

As a fan, how do I see Fowler?  I must emphasize that my back seat driving skills don’t suffice for the driver (Epstein) in the front seat.  

No brakes, gas or, steering wheel, no power of any kind from the back, and there are reasons for that.

So….from the back seat….I won’t try any driving but, since you asked for my back seat opinion…

The youth oriented Cubs need several veterans, and one will have to emerge as a replacement for David Ross as a mentor.  Youth oriented clubs need one guy that pulls them together.

I’m sure Fowler is looking for a multi-year contract, and can’t be blamed for that at his age in today’s market.  

The q&a; Do the Cubs see Fowler possibly finishing his career in Chicago as a Cub?  Does he get that assurance from Theo Epstein to complete the q&a?

Is it possible,  Jason Heyward’s mechanics at the plate pull together for 2017?  Have the Cubs recognized anything that could pull Heyward’s BA much closer to .300?

If Heyward makes that happen, Fowler is more dispensable but, right now that question looms big.

Adding a little insult to injury, could it be St.Louis gets Fowler who then has another great year, and former Cardinal Heyward fails to produce at the plate in 2017?

Who can become that mentor in the club house?  Heyward, Zobrist or, Fowler?

Remember, game 7 of the 2016 World Series, and the rain delay?  Jason Heyward was the leader who played the role, gathering the club together for a pep chat to prep for the win.

No matter what decision Theo Epstein makes,  I am sure the Cubs will have their club house mentor, and plenty of talent to repeat as World Series Champions in 2017.

I have already been told to ‘shut-up.’  ‘Just shut-up, get out of the back seat, and end all of this at the end of paragraph 5.’

Can I just say something else?  ‘No!  Shut-up.’

Okay but, I’m still flying the W!



What do you think?

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