Meet The FOXers

It has been just over a month, and yet it seems so long ago. For those of you who don’t know, the Cubs grab the big ‘W’ by, being the ultimate best in baseball with the 2016 World Series victory!!!!!

If you read Cubs Crossings with any frequency, you know I have had criticism for network baseball broadcasts.

This past FOX broadcast of the World Series was surprisingly pleasant.

They didn’t have what seemed like a multitude of announcers talking with each other. It did not seem like the announcers were having a great party that only they were invited.

The play-by-play was handled  very well.  

To embellish but not by much, it seems tv-network baseball is typically filling every audio free moment with audio regardless of the pertinence of the commentary.

Broadcasts like that somehow subtract from the ball game.  This was not one of those games.  The audio took momentary breaks to let us digest, and watch.  

I did not feel like several baseball announcers gathered for a party, and allow me to watch.  It did sound like I was the focus of the announcer’s attention, and commentary.

FOX did pause for the 7th inning stretch at least once at Wrigley Field.  It is tradition!  

I suppose there were bills to pay, and ads to run but, I don’t think they gave us all 3 stretches at Wrigley.

The latest recall I have is  On the re-play via ROKU, I got the commercial billboard.

The stretch at Wrigley is a must broadcast scenario.  I would expect the  network broadcast team to indulge us with any local team nuance or, tradition as part of the broadcast.

Compliments to the FOXers.


What do you think?

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