Numbers, Numbers; They Don’t Lie

Maybe numbers don’t lie.  Maybe they just don’t tell the entire story.

How many times have we seen recent historical performance numbers, and wonder why?

All through baseball we see mediocrity, and then a seemingly mediocre player is signed by, another team.

Somebody, somewhere sees the ‘so-called’ mediocre player.  They’ve watched the player with a trained eye, and they know something nobody else sees.  The player gets signed.

Some of the fans are left in confusion to ponder the why?

A trained eye looks at every angle.  Possibly angles not even imagined by, anyone else. They have ideas.

How does this player fit in to the big picture of his new team?  Is it possible somebody else just didn’t recognize the same possibilities?

Is it because (in the case of Cubs signings)  Wrigley Field is a perfect fit for a home park?  Is it just a change of leagues?  Team dynamics?

Are there mechanics that can easily be changed to take a player from mediocrity to an All-Star level of abilities?

Did one trained eye see what others didn’t see?  Could it just be, the player hasn’t had the opportunity to play in perfect scenarios custom fit to his best talent?  An unnecessary talent dynamic except for the team looking for his signature on the dotted line?  

What is that player’s up to now, unrecognized capabilities never recognized for one reason or, another?

For now, that’s for them to know, and we will have our chance to find out.

Let’s expect to be pleasantly surprised!!


What do you think?

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