Are You An MLB Closer?

In the most simplistic of terms, a closing pitcher works an inning, 2 or, 3 per game.

Roughly  (I may be embellishing a little but, stay with me) a few thousand dollars/batter faced.  Do a good job, and there’s more money where that money came from.

There is an incentive to train to be the best.  He may have several pitches to make/game on successive game dates.

No reason to cry just because you’re actually asked to do your job, and possibly a little more.

A closing pitcher in the Major Leagues understands, he is the closer!  During crucial series, he must be prepared to possibly close successive games.

If closing isn’t his line of work, he needs to say so as negotiations are first made for services expected, and rendered.

It is bad manners to leave dirty laundry in the dugout for the winter.

Cubs Manager,  Joe Maddon did not mistreat his closer last season unless somebody misunderstood what playing at the MLB level means.



What do you think?

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