More Turkey Talk

As you know, I like to put it on a plate, and get it out there.  However, there is a change of attitude.  

As I pointed out in my post, ‘Let’s Talk Turkey,’ I said I had been too much the critic of Theo Epstein, and his team.  While I  believe in putting the turkey on the plate for immediate consumption, I have learned not to be a critic before I’ve even taken a bite.

This is like being the instant Microsoft hater.  Before a new edition of Windows even gets out there, they’ve decided the new version of Windows is not for human consumption.

In retrospect the Microsoft haters have been correct.  Windows has left the room.  My opinion, (and I know you want to know) Microsoft could have built upon a solid foundation by, adding to ‘XP’ at the core.  All of that said we’re all about the Cubbies.

On point:  I’m not criticizing.  My questions for strengthening starting pitching for the Cubs would be in the numbers.  

Why are the Cubs entertaining a roster of new pitching with ERAs higher than 3.00?  How important is ERA?  What other stats play a strong role when considering a look at a starting pitcher?

In a non-critical role,  I’m asking if there is strength beyond the numbers?  Am I missing something about key mechanics specific to the Cubs, that the average fan doesn’t get to see?

Plate’s full so, I’ll start eating until I get some answers, and stay out of the deep end.


What do you think?

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