Loosening Up

The 2016 World Series Champs are just loosening up for 2017 getting a look at some guys that will have to spend some time down stairs this coming season.

The Cubs have quite a few Junior Leaguers who will be ready, soon.  Just not quite yet.

Due to hand surgery last month to the left, I’m hunting, and pecking on the right side.  Of course, you knew it; I’m a southpaw.

So, I’m keeping my posts short.

Not to worry about the Cubs at this early date.  There’s a long way to go, and really Spring Training is not the time to place a judgment on the outcome for October.

David Ross will be missed but, there are Catchers ready to catch a good game of baseball.  What can’t be replaced at that position right now is the experienced knowledge of the game that is the perfect Ross.

I am watching for Jason Heyward to capitalize on timing at the plate other wise, the Cubs will have to use his talent for defensive purposes in the outfield.  Heyward has some time to capture his timing.

How about today’s Cubs 9-3 win over the L.A. Dodgers featuring a GS-HR by, Kris Bryant?!!

A lot of players just digging in on all teams.


What do you think?

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