Cubs Win!

Do the Yankees or Cubs get the best deal?

There have been some comments as to who got the best out of the Aroldis Chapman trade?  Yankees or Cubs?

Cubs!  They are the reigning World Champions because of the team put together at that time.

At least Chapman can now take his negative attitude back to New York.  

You might remember Chapman complained about Joe Maddon’s treatment of him.  “Too much work!”

Isn’t that the role of a Major League closing Pitcher?  Closing out successive games, if necessary?

Chapman would be bringing negative energy to this year’s Chicago dugout.  

If David Ross was returning, Chapman would be undoing everything Ross stands for.  

Ross’ positive attitude had as much if not more than Chapman’s role in the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series.  Not to minimize the role Chapman played in the Cubs championship year.

It was Ross who was most responsible for keeping the Cubs attitudes where they had to be to win it all last year.

Would I like Chapman back?  Not with his attitude.  Even though he can close them out.

 The Cubs will find a skilled closer.  Maybe we won’t see those fastest of fast balls but we will see a skilled closer without venom in the dugout.


What do you think?

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